Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simone Visits the DC Mobile FAB-LAB

The mobile DC Fab Lab is essentially is a trailer full of equipment that can be used to manufacture all sorts of objects from etched wood display pieces to circuit boards and complex machinery and even fashion apparel and jewelry.

Thanks to the efforts of Phyllis Klein, creatives from all over the DC area can now explore their creativity and make any item that comes to mind.

Simone: How did you get involved with the Fab Lab?

Phyllis Klein: I was encouraged by a friend, who was spending a year as a visiting scientist at MIT and was taking the course "How to Make (Almost) Anything", to bring FAB LAB to DC.

S: Where is the permanent DC lab going to be located?

P: The permanent FAB LAB DC will be located on the first floor of 1418 North Capitol Street, NW.

S: Who will have access to the lab? How does a person like me gain access? Do they need to be a DC resident?

P: The plan is to have the lab open to the general public, entrepreneurs & inventors, designers & artists. Fab Lab DC will also offer classes, demonstrations, exhibitions, special collaborative projects, and visiting guests (scientists/makers/artists, etc.). There will be an schedule, with on-line access to sign up, for classtime, workshop time, and project time.

S: Are fashion designers using the FAB LABs to create collections?

P: Yes. Here are links to a few designers who are using Fab Lab to make fashion!

Jennine Bresser

Nervous System

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bohemian Boss & ARTAYA @ Industry Gallery

Bohemian Boss Gallery: Dana is seated front right

On Saturday, October 30, 2010, Dana Greaves, local fashion designer and artist wowed us again with an eclectic blend of wearable ARTAYA Bohemian Boss apparel presented at Industry Gallery in NE.

Dana is the ultimate Bohemian Boss and we most definitely approve.

FAB, D! Thanks for raising the bar.

Robin Givhan (Washington Post Style writer), Craig Applebaum (Proprietor of Industry Gallery) and Moi.

Model wearing ARTAYA Bohemian Boss!

Craig Applebaum, proprietor of Industry Gallery looks pleased as punch! Great event. Great turnout.

Simone Butterfly: Raffling a few of my Favorite Things

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fashion Lawyer Launches DC Fashion Consortium: A Fashion Think Tank

Fashion Attorney Mariessa Terrell, CEO of Simone Butterfly Co.

Fashion Lawyer, Mariessa Terrell launches DC Fashion Consortium, a fashion think tank.

On October 10, 2010 from 4pm to 8pm, fashion lawyer, Mariessa Terrell hosted a Champagne and Smores fete at the Bungalow to commemorate the launch of the DC Fashion Consortium, a 501(c)(3) fashion think tank dedicated to maximizing the economic impact of the fashion industry in WDC by
  • promoting local fashion talent in print, film, television and special events;
  • developing fashion education programs
  • documenting DC's unique fashion history; and
  • fact finding to drive awareness about the social economic and political impact of the fashion industry worldwide.

Fashion Friends!

Judy, Judge Mary Terrell & Mariessa TerrellStephany Greene (Founder & Coordinator Fashion Merchandising Program at Community College of the District of Columbia)

Phyllis Klein, Outreach Coordinator for Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts and Fab Lab representative

Mariessa, Judge Terrell and Myss Stephens (proprietor of Glamourholics)Judge Terrell, Stephany Greene (founder of Fashion Merchandising Program at Community College of District of Columbia), Judy and Myss Stevens (proprietor of Glamourholics)

Mariessa & JudyIP Attorney Bryant Young (founder of BL Young Law) and Judge Mary Terrell

Mariessa & Fashion Designer Dana Greaves (ARTAYA)

Attorney Bryant Young, founder of BL Young Law

Monday, September 20, 2010


On September 15, 2010, Mariessa Terrell was
Recognized in Who's Who in Black Washington
as a
Woman of Excellence and an Emerging Leader Under 40!
unveiled Thursday, September 15, 2010 during the Congressi
onal Black Caucus

See full page here (page 120):

And in other news:

Christine Brooks Cropper attempts to re-write history (page 186)


The Washington DC Fashion Council was formed in 2006 by Mariessa and Christine.

Project Beltway Interview June 2007

Washington Post July 2007

Who Drafted Bill 17-173?

Mariessa, a freelance writer and intellectual property attorney drafted (the Fashion) Bill 17-173 - Commission on Fashion Arts and Events Establishment Act. Christine helped to edit the Bill.

Who Coordinated the forum " Life Liberty and the Pursuit of a Fashion Capital"?

Mariessa and Christine coordinated the forum to discuss the Fashion Bill and the need for a Commission on Fashion. The forum was part of the High Tea Society Capital Catwalk fashion event held at the Washington Gas Rotunda in June 2007 (thanks to the generosity of Roberta Simms.) The High Tea Society is a mentoring program for girls founded by Judge Mary Terrell (Mariessa's mom).

What is the Capital Catwalk?

The Capital Catwalk is a benefit for the High Tea Society (HTS), a mentoring program for girls founded in 1997 by Judge Mary Terrell.

Mariessa launched the Capital Catwalk in 2004 as a fundraiser for HTS to recognize local and international star stars. From 2004-2006 the Capital Catwalk was held at the Four Seasons Hotel. In 2007 the Catwalk was held at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium. In 2009 the Capital Catwalk was held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Capital Catwalk fashion events have honored: Andre Leon Talley, Tim Gunn, Bethann Hardison, Dr. Dorothy Height, Ann Hand, Darlene Mathis, Toddre & Bill Monier and Louis Everard. Capital Catwalk events have featured fashion designs by Stephen Burrows, B. Michael, Byron Lars, Rachel Roy and many others.

What happended to the WDC Fashion Council? In October 2007, both Mariessa and Christine agreed to terminate the WDC Fashion Council.

What is Mariessa doing now?

Mariessa continues to provide branding and intellectual property law services to national and international fashion designers, through her company Simone Butterfly Co. founded in 2003. Mariessa also serves as committee chair to the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA) Committee on Legal Issues in the Fashion Industry.

Truth is Better Than Fiction, Honest!

Monday, June 7, 2010

SEX & THE CITY: Fashion to the Rescue, Literally!

Walking up the steps of AMC theater #8, I feel a butterfly or two. Michael Patrick King has attempted to “Carrie” the SATC storyline into unchartered territory. And I am nervous. Can he successfully navigate our girls beyond “marriage and a baby”?

After all, sequels are notoriously risky. What are the odds that Carrie Bradshaw would morph into James Bond or Jason Bourne? 10 to 1.

Flash back a year or so ago, when the much anticipated SATC 1 premiered. During the heady opening week, virtually every screening was teaming with girl friends flitting about in embellished shoe candy. To celebrate the launch, my gal pals and I stayed overnight at the Ritz Carlton in McLean. After breakfast we attended a private viewing with 200 other glamazons. We laughed and cried and clamored for more.

Apparently Michael heard us. So, today I am dressed up for him and another SATC occasion. No pink tulle skirt this time. Instead, I opt for contrast in the form of a black Coup de Foudre bustier, Nicole Miller white cotton tulip skirt and 3 inch canvas black and white Marc Jacob platforms secured by a prim bow around the ankle.

With 15 minutes before show time, I add an extra bounce to my step. “I hope I can find a seat,” I murmur aloud. Turns out, I am the first to arrive.

15 minutes later, though. The theater is almost full. Yet, the earlier butterflies never return.

In the 12 years since the original SATC HBO show aired, our favorite series has lost some of its “sparkle.” This is not to suggest that Patricia Field’s 2010 costume choices are dull. Au contra-ire! The wardrobe selections are dramatic, colorful and fun. The copper sequined Christian Louboutin stilettos Carrie pairs with the white vintage Halston dress in scene 1 are uber chic. Love, love, love the black jumpsuit she wears to the party with Big. And the Christian Dior newsprint dress from season 3 is exactly what a stylish fashion investigator should wear out on a date with her man.

Fashion saves the day, literally! Without Field’s fashion eccentricities, SATC 2 would have derailed soon after Liza Minnelli concluded her rendition of “Put A Ring On It.” The word smith in me blames the weak script for most of the movie’s short comings. The lack of snap crackle and pop in the dialogue was a major loss. This second time around the jokes appears forced and the girls, with the exception of Miranda, cease being sympathetic and relatable.

Since SATC 1, Carrie and Charlotte have gotten virtually everything they “said” they wanted. Carrie finally marries Big, continues working as a successful writer and gains another dream closet. (This makes 2!). Charlotte is (still) married to Harry and is busy raising 2 baby girls with the help of a competent and highly trained nanny. Yet, both characters spend the majority of the movie finding fault with their perks to the point of almost destroying them.

Samantha on the other hand has remained exactly where we left her in SATC 1: single fabulous and in her fifties. But instead of gaining wisdom with age, Samantha regresses right before our eyes. Remember season 3 episode 16 (“Frenemies”) when Samantha gets out Samantha-ed by Claire Ann, another middle aged blonde? At the conclusion of “Frenemies”, Samatha declares that even she has a line that she will not cross. Yet, by the end of SATC 2, Samantha crosses the line and a dessert becoming the quintessential “ugly American.”

And then there was Miranda-Fan-tas-tic. She virtually glows in the mustard Bottega Veneta draped jersey dress she wore in the first scene. And, (gasp) the plunging black V necked gown with the metallic studs...(gasp)...was contemporary, edgy and sophisticated! Miranda has come a long way from the snarky sarcastic woman we met 12 years ago. The “new” Miranda consistently radiates positive energy and provides a much needed balance that grounds the other girls and in turn the entire movie.

It is highly unlikely that there will be a SATC 3. I’m not sad because I enjoyed the ride. In addition to adding a dose of glamour to the mundane, Carrie, for her part, always manages to sneak in a lesson before the credits roll. Today, we’ve learned that the quest for “sparkle” can be overrated if it jeopardizes what you’ve worked your whole life to build up. Who couldn’t benefit from this adage?

Monday, February 15, 2010

DC Tea Maven Chucks her Teapot for Nespresso Machine

It had to be something extra special and super stylish to make me want to
chuck my silver tea set.

Enter the tres elegant Italian Nespresso machine sold at Bloomingdales.

I'm Awake NOW!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chevy Camaro Wardrobe Essentials

Fashion Query #21
My pre-ordered V-8 6 speed black Camaro arrives on Friday. Any ideas on what to wear to the Chevy dealership?

Please advise.

SIMONE SAYS: Gold star for helping buttress the beleaguered US economy, darling. We recommend a Miss Sixty one piece denim jump suit, Louis Vuitton driving gloves in hot pink, suede JP Tod mocs and Tom Ford aviators. Very Charlie, angel.